NEW 2022 Mercedes SL AMG

the 2022 Mercedes Benz sl55 and sl63 amg is all new both inside and out new driveline new technology and we’re gonna take it for a drive welcome back to the channel i’m Lauren Fix this is the 2022 Mercedes Benz AMG the sl55 this today is the 63. the technology is totally new but the heritage from this car is what really what this car is about creating an all mesh to the original cars and we’ll show you that in another video some of the amazing history that comes from Mercedes there’s a racing heritage as well as a touring heritage but this is a beautiful package of both and we’re going to go through it and show you this vehicle so when you’re considering buying one you’ll know what you want before you get to the dealership now we do more than first drives and first looks of vehicles we give you car reviews and we give you car smarts because knowledge is power make sure to subscribe and click that little bell so you don’t miss anything let’s get started with under the hood under the hood of the sl55 is a handcrafted AMG 4-liter v8 bi-turbo engine capable of 469 horsepower 569 pound-feet of torque 0-60 3.8 seconds under the hood of our AMG sl63 test car is a 577 horsepower 590 pound-feet of torque engine 0-60 time 3.5 seconds one little special surprise is the name of the person that built this car Sasha Jonas that is my maiden name pretty cool handcrafted by Sasha Jonas Mercedes Benz Amg Germany the rain has eased up a bit so we found some curvy roads on our drive between Los Angeles and palm springs and we had some pretty heavy fog but this vehicle did a great job the secret to this vehicle is that it’s not just all-wheel drive standard but it also comes with a four-wheel controller and all-wheel control so what happens is is the rear tires actually turn so it’s like an all-wheel steer type setup and part of that is also the redesigned suspension so there is not one component that is the same between this sl and its predecessor so this is all new both inside and out so there are different drive modes that you can choose there’s a snow mode but it’s really a wet mode and when the heavy rain and fog that was great then you have individual you can set it up the way you want comfort great for the highways sport for that spirited ride sport plus and then the race mode my favorite although that shuts off all the nannies it also can be dangerous with the wet roadways the exhaust sound is spectacular now all the new technologies that are built into this sl63 are part of what makes this car handle so well reading all the different sensors that are there in order to keep the tires on the roadway there’s no tram lining on this vehicle like you would typically find with large tires instant pedal response it is a bi-turbo it’s a 4-liter engine like we were saying earlier plenty of horsepower for the track for the street and i really really well connected uh steering input nice and tight and firm of course that changes based on what drive mode you’re in if you drop down to the sport it’s a little less intense you go up to the race mode it gets obviously tighter and more race-like as far as the brakes huge brakes to stop this beast this is a pretty heavy car it is made of composites in the new frame of aluminum magnesium and also carbon that’s what you get when you get a nice sounding v8 engine the twin turbos give it that instant response there is zero turbo lag but that’s what Mercedes is known for building these really great responsive vehicles oh we’re getting into some nice little corners up here i can see it in the head-up display by the way it is color it is fabulous uh it’s one of the best in the business so even in this icky weather that we’re having you’re not having the vehicle step out on you which you would have with a lot of vehicles that have a lot of power whether it’s all-wheel drive or the all-wheel steer it’s responsive and unbelievably connected a lot of neat details in this car including the air vents that are lit up we have yellow stitching in our yellow sl 63 amg really nice seats there are two trim levels of seats the regular sport seat and the performance seat we of course are sitting in the performance seat does have a massaging mode as well but i would find that distracting when you’re trying to drive fast personally but that’s your choice so the way we have the center screen set up there’s multiple different ways you can do the classic in this case they have it set up for the performance so as you accelerate it looks like the circle gets bigger but you can change that in the settings to a more classic setting just like you would on an s-class or other vehicles and there’s tons of settings in the center screen again very intuitive you can change the colors you can have a lot of fun with the technology hey Mercedes how can i help tell me a joke sorry i’m busy looking at the road hey Mercedes how may i help you tell me a story call me Ishmael call me Ishmael? i’m not sure what that means put that down on the translation below we are going into some really ugly looking weather the clouds are down deep in the valley here and that’s going to impact some of our fun but it also shows how good a vehicle is that handles in the rain not just you as the driver but the vehicle itself and the confidence it gives you when you buy a vehicle like this you know you’re going to be thinking i need to drive this all the time or i want to drive this all the time i can definitely understand that there’s a lot of safety features there all standard the list is long it is extensive and it is every single thing you can think of from cross traffic alert backup cameras around view cameras forward collision warning accident avoidance can go on and on and on but again in a vehicle in this price point this and all the competitors will have all of that safety that you want standard i also should note that there is a Burmeister audio system it is the top of the line for Mercedes and really in a premium quality audio system if you’ve ever owned a convertible one of the problems is that sunlight will hit the center screen and it’s glare everywhere well not in this case you just hit this and you can adjust the display angle of the screen look at that and you don’t have to slide it you can just touch it and the idea is that you can adjust it for you and for the glare that is pretty awesome we got to palm springs and i dropped off my co-host Javier Mota we do the total car score podcast and i wanted to at least give you a final opinion of this vehicle i love everything about this vehicle the only thing that’s weird and maybe it’s the way our early production cars were is that you have to hold the button for the top to go up and down that is a difficult thing to do while driving because you basically have your eyes off the road and onto this screen because if you lift your finger the top stops and then the screen in front of you blurps hey you didn’t shut down the uh the top all the way because you want to protect this top because it is very expensive if it gets damaged and and so that’s one of the things that i think is really important to note but other than that performance handling safety braking amazing technology attention to detail that is like no other remember this vehicle is about an homage to the honorary Mercedes Benz 300 sl which has a ton of race history think of the going that historic going Mercedes that everybody lusts after it’s a huge collectible this is what the design is after now keep in mind that everything about this vehicle is new so if you’ve owned one in the past you have to drive the new one you have to own a vehicle like this this is a collectible piece and i’m really just love the thought and the detail i’m not 100 sure i’m a big fan of the cover that’s over the gauges because it leaves a gap in the middle but little teeny things you start nitpicking but honestly if i were to give it a car coach report rating it would be really hard to give anything less than darn close to a hundred however the price is not for everyone we do not have prices yet when we do we will put them in the description down below if you have any additional questions that i did not answer for you about the sl 63 or the 55 amg put that in the comments down below i’ll get you an answer we have direct connections to people at Mercedes and we’ll answer your questions no matter how minor or major we will get that answer because we want you to know what you’re buying before you buy it because when you go into the dealer they’re going to try and sell you on the car because that’s their job our job is to give you car smarts because knowledge is power don’t forget to subscribe and click that little bell because you don’t want to miss anything and of course notifications because we’re always putting up some pretty cool content as we make our right turn in front of the Mercedes AMG dealer right there is the amg dealer if i drove in there they’d go crazy we’re not gonna do that we’ll be there for like three hours you can follow me on all forms of social media at laurenfix and don’t forget to check out our website with contents in english and in Spanish Javier writes for us as well as Al Vasquez and a bunch of other people don’t forget to check out some of the other reviews we’ve done competitors to this car some daily drivers that the average person can afford because this is not your average person’s car

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