When to buy Bitcoin- Investments ideas

The cryptocurrency has fallen into a bear market but still believes there is great potential for a recovery, with Cryptostacker founder Forrest Przybyz sharing the lowest price and next target for bitcoin (BTC). Read cryptocoin.com for details.

“I will ruthlessly buy bitcoin (BTC) at these levels!”
Forrest Przybysz says a wave of pessimism and RD&D (fear, uncertainty and doubt) hangs in the market and believes there is probably more volatility ahead. In the short run, Przybysz’s chart shows that Bitcoin (BTC) should strike. The token has been oversold, meaning that pessimism about the coin’s prospects has flowed very, very quickly. Przybysz believes that bitcoin is likely to exceed $40,000 in the next week or two.

While the bottom has not yet arrived for bitcoin, Przybysz believes the bottom is close. But if he is wrong and the token drops to the mid-$20,000, the crypto expert says he will buy aggressively.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that we have hit a low of around $26,000. This is actually the level that I would personally buy very, very aggressively.

Przybysz believes that the chances of a “crypto winter” at this point in time are “moderately justified”, as price and sentiment are declining and staying in the vault. He predicted that it would take about eight months for Bitcoin to return to current levels if this difficult outcome is achieved. Crypto winters have historically lasted for several years, but PreziBis believes that such a recurrence is unlikely.

Przybysz says that Bitcoin should rise to the level of ATH in the next year and a half. The crypto expert says he wouldn’t be “surprised” if bitcoin reached new highs “quite early”, possibly around the US election in November. Przybysz predicts that if BTC drops to $26,000, it will rise to $90,000 or $100,000 by the end of the year. If the bottom is already there, Przybysz said that a close to the ATH level of $70,000 for the digital asset is more realistic and that the current level of “return to average” is $51,000.

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