Buy U.S. Stocks in India? American Share Market Investment

Well, I have always told you not to invest in stocks. Always invest in companies. Invest in business, but many companies are not listed in our Indian stock market. Now if we talk about the Indian stock market. Meaning if we talk about India, then stock exchanges in India mean that the major stock exchange is the BSE Bombay Stock Exchange and the other one is National Stock Exchange, Some people have commented to me that we have to buy Apple’s stock but is not showing on our Demat account, How to get it, We have to buy Microsoft shares, we have to buy a share of tesla. Why should we buy it now and how will we get it, but what people see. you go to Google, You can see the share price of any company.

If I want to see Apple’s share price here, I can see what Apple’s share price is going up and it is in USD it is not ₹ 127, It is $ 127. But what do you see, you see growth. You see that share is running and Apple is a company that will grow even further. If you think so, you can see a lot of things here. By the way, I have taught you many things like you can see PE ratio or you can see dividend yield, you can see market cap. You can see a lot.

We talk similarly about other shares. You use Amazon for your daily purchases, you think that you use Amazon prime and I listen to music on amazon. I purchase things from amazon and this company will further increase, you feel like this then you want to invest in this company.

You see that its share price is growing very fast. You see that share is getting skyrocketed. Similarly, you feel that there are other companies like Facebook. If we buy shares on Facebook today, we think that in the coming time, Facebook will grow, and then you want to buy, let’s say Facebook shares and you say that Facebook is a company that will grow even further. you see potential in Facebook’s share of potential, if you see this is the growth, then you are watching this growth continuously and you want that you to get this growth. Now there are two benefits of this growth, Understand what are the 2 benefits.

See when you want to buy a stock that you think is not listed in India. Suppose it is Listed in the US. You go Out of India to buy shares. So first you have to understand the US stock market a little bit. If you want to invest in the US, I will explain it to you.

Now, what are the two benefits? One assumes that the share will grow. If you are investing in equities, then investment in equities are the safest investments. Sometimes it is risky but the growth is very high. But if you invest in large companies in large-cap companies, then it is safe Comparatively and growth is very high with safety too. I said large-cap, I am not talking about the small-cap yet, then you get growth. This is one thing, What is the other thing, you get this growth in India too. It is not that we do not find it in India. Growth is also found in India, Comparatively more in India. Suppose here you get average growth of 9:30% in the US stock market, then you get 16% growth in the Indian stock market.

Now the growth is more in it, You will say that there is growth there too but there is more here. Then we should invest in the Indian stock market, but it is not so. You understand that our dollar is today. It is around 73 today. That means you will get ₹ 73 in exchange for $ 1 and you always see the value of Indian currency going down and the dollar going up because the value of the dollar also appreciates.

It attains double benefit here. Maybe after 10 years from today, the dollar becomes ₹ 90, then you will get it and you will get this profit together. Because the companies are listed inside the US. You have seen that this is the BSE and this is NSE, there is NYSE in the US and the second is NASDAQ, now there is a great thing with NASDAQ, I tell you.

First of all, they do not have any trading floor. Like you must have seen the movie Harshad Mehta SCAM 1992, you watched the documentary and you saw how people are buying stocks there, you saw everything. It has never made that trading floor. The NYSE has a trading floor but this new Stock exchange didn’t have that. All the technology companies like Amazon, Facebook,
Microsoft, and Google are listed on NASDAQ. So now you understand the Stock Exchange. Second, you have heard Inside India there is a Sensex and there is a Nifty, definitely. They are also called indices, Sensex is the indices of BSE and Similarly Nifty is indices of NSE. So Nifty is indices of NSE and Sensex is indices of BSE. 30 companies are listed on Sensex and 50 companies are listed on Nifty. Now, what is indices here in the US market, let’s Understand now what is these indices in US Market, you get 4 major indices in the US, now what are these indices, they tell that market is going up or down, if you see Sensex, if Sensex is going down this means that 30 big companies of India, if they are Falling, then the whole economy is shaking and if it is to grow then it means companies are growing. Growing up and the economy is growing, the indices here are one of the things that we saw that we have stock exchanges like BSE and NSE, that were Nasdaq there, but Nasdaq here also comes inside the indices and this is the way it is S&P 500 and I will now tell you the meaning of all this.

The third comes to the Dow, which is also called Dow Jones, and the fourth is the Russell 2000, which is comparatively new. Now you will get 2500 companies listed in the NASDAQ. Similarly, S&P 500 is written here, so you understand. There are 500 companies listed here. Now amazing here, the 2500 Companies listed here in Nasdaq, there is a different scene. What is the scene when you see NSE and BSE, the same companies are listed here and inside the BSE and NSE, whose headquarters are inside India.

If companies headquarter is outside India, then it is not listed here in India. Like, suppose If a company has its headquarter in Singapore, will not be listed on BSE and NSE. But they get listed on Nasdaq, then within S&P 500, there are 500 companies which get listed within the US. Similarly, when we talk about the Dow Jones, there are 30 companies.

Their market cap is very high and there are small-cap companies in the Russell 2000, there are 2000 small-cap companies. If you want to invest in them, then how would you do, let me tell you this very frankly. First I would like to thank our sponsor of this video, is a platform where you can buy and sell the stocks listed outside India. Now if you want to invest in an outside company, like Tesla, Microsoft or Apple, or Amazon, there are many companies that you do not find in India, then you can invest in the companies listed on indices, you can invest on

There is an offer going on right now. If you trade and your profit are increasing by trading, then you will come to the leader dashboard, and when you come on the leader’s board if you top rank there then you will get up to $ 5000 from the side of So this is a huge benefit for you here. I will give the link in the description and comment box. You can open your account by going to and you can also invest in the market of Out of India.

I have explained to you what the profit is. You get growth and you get another dollar appreciation also, and if you think that a company can grow very fast in the coming time, then what is the plus point here that in the US, there is different start-up culture there, companies grow very fast here, what is its reason that there is a lot of technology there, so if there is a company that has not come to India yet and you think. It will come very fast and if it is going to spread to the whole world, then you can identify that company very early and also invest in its stocks.

Your Investments here can earn you many times. So this is the benefit of investing in the US stock market. Now It Is Your Choice Where You Want to Invest Your Money. Now analyze your money. I have always told you that fundamental analysis for a company is important and I have taught you many times. If you do not know how to do fundamental analysis yet, then I will give you a link on the I button, then go there and see how to do fundamental analysis.

So, how can you multiply your money through investment? In this video, you have learned how to invest outside India. So if you liked this video, then share it quickly and like it to give your love and if there are some questions, then you can ask in the comment below.

Finally, I will see you in the next post till the time you go self-made.

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